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Truck Camper Travels: our truck camper is no longer for sale! We are Keeping it

Our beloved truck camper was up for sale, however after completely refurbishing it from ground to rooftop putting $5000 into the re-build, we will be keeping it for at least the next 9 years! Let the expeditions begin once more: The Overland Expo East 2014
Campie Balloon Fest

Mapping the way

some cool maps we used and actually made for our journeys; learn why here

NEW! 2012 Quartzsite Arizona BLM boondocking zones with GPS waypoints

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Feedback: here

Who are we anyway?

Our Bio

Choosing a truck

A big decision

Deciding on truck camper

A process of deduction

The cross-country journey to pick up the camper!

Off to Colorado

Useful Articles & Observations

-Camping in cold weather
-Minimizing weight, maximizing comfort!
-Why I hate batteries!

NEW! 2012 Trail of The Ancients, Utah downloadable maps and GPX waypoints

NEW! 2014 Overland Expo East 2014, in October: coming soon !

NEW! 2012 White Rim and Shafer Trails, Utah downloadable 4x4 maps and GPX waypoints

Only the higest quality content on truck camper related info make it into this recommend:

Mello Mike: truck camper articles, modifications and trip reports